At an elevation of 1100 feet above sea level, and aproximately 8 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, our Estate Vineyard seems to be one destined to grow Pinot Noir grapes. Explore our soil, and you may stumble upon petrified sea shells, indicitive of marine limestone. Couple that with the cool evening fog and warm summer days that we have, and Pinot Noir thrives on our steep hillside.  

Our Estate vineyard, which is comprised of 5 Pinot Noir clones from the Dijon and Pommard regions of France, produces an elegant, multilayered wine. Each clone adds an exciting characteristic to the final wine. The clones were planted on root stock specifically selected to be compatible with the location, climate and soil of the vineyard site. Due to the varying nature of the topography, ranging from steep hillside, narrow ridges, and small benches, various vine row orientations were used to optimize the vineyard site.

Our vines are planted in small blocks enabling viticulture practices to be tailored to each micro-environment. We at Heart O' The Mountain are personally involved in every aspect of growing the grapes, including vine health, pruning strategy, canopy management, water application and, ultimately, crop yield. By conducting petiole pressure tests throughout the vineyard, we are able to monitor the stress level and water requirement of each small block, which results in high quality grapes rich in color and flavor.

Our estate vineyard is planted with the following clones:

777 Block
Rootstock: 104-14
Acres: 1.6
Wine Characteristics: Strong and intense colors, strong aromas, good balance , round tannic, appropriate to keep.
Planted in 2002

667 Block
Rootstock: 101-14
Acres: 1.0
Wine Characteristics: Beautiful, strong color, elegant and qualty bouquet, structure of wine to keep, tannic, quite long finish
Planted in 2002

115 NO. Block
Rootstock: 101-14
Acres: 0.9
Wine Characteristics: Strong color with purpleish hue, superior bouquet, elegant rich aroma, a hint of small fuits, well structured, tannic, long, and suitable for keping.
Planted in 2006

115 SO. Block
Rootstock: 101-14
Acres: 1.7
Wine Characteristics:Same as 115 NO. Block

828 Block
Rootstock: 101-14
Acres: 0.9 Wine Characteristics: Darker color, playful fruit with earthy undertones. Good tannin; excellent for keeping. Grafted in 2007 onto vines planted in 2002.  

Pommard Block
Clone:Pommard 05
Rootstock: 5C
Acres: 0.5
Wine Characteristics: Dark , rich color, lots of lovely fuit, intense bouqet, pronounced tannic structure, good for keeping.
Planted in 2003