Our wine growing process is very hands on and labor intensive. This allows us to have an intimate knowledge of each clone in every barrel. Individual clones are hand picked separately, based on each clone's unique ripening parameters. The different clones are kept separate throughout the winemaking and aging process.

Harvest begins at first light while it is cool. The grapes are immediately hand sorted, and the whole berries are destemmed into small bins and moved into the temperature controlled winery where they are cold soaked for 3-6 days. This extended skin contact enhances the extraction of rich colors and flavors. The fruit is then fermented in small open top bins where the cap is gently punched down by hand several times per day.

After fermentation, the wine is pressed into the finest French Oak barrels, where it is aged in a temperature controlled room. Prior to bottling, the separate Pinot Noir clones are carefully blended together. After bottling, the wine is stored for a period of 6 months, thus allowing it to develop prior to being released.

We believe in minimal intervention in the process. The entire process is done by gravity flow without pumping, fining, or filtering the must or wine.